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eClass External provides collaborative courses open to users with a CCID and to non-University users without one. If you have received a course registration link, you will need to sign in above to access and/or enroll in your course. New external users without CCIDs are required to create an account before doing this.

Account Creation: (Not required if you have a CCID - U of A CCID users can login above)

Option 1: Create account using an existing non-UAlberta Gmail account

Use this option if you want to use your existing non-U of A google account to create an account on the system for you and use it to sign-in. Choosing this option will share some of your google account information with eClass-External.

  1. To create an account, click the button above to "Log in using your account on: Google (Non-UofA)".
  2. Log in using this button in future.

Option 2: Create account manually

Use this option if you do not have an existing google account you want to use. This will require a valid email address to be used as your username (and where you will need to reply to the account confirmation email.)

  1. Click Create new account below.
  2. When prompted, sign in using the security token (a username and password) provided by your course administrator or instructor.
    • Course administrators and instructors may contact for the credentials (these prevent unauthorized accounts from being created.)
  3. Complete and submit your new account details.
    • We recommend using your email as your username.
  4. The system will email a confirmation link that you must click to complete your account creation.

Proceed with any additional instructions that may have been provided to you in regards to accessing your course from your course administrator or instructor. They should have provided you with at least one of the following:

  • Link to the course
  • Enrollment key (password) for the course
  • Any other pertinent registration information about your course